Teach Kentucky’s (TKY)  application process culminates in its three recruitment weekends, which are held in February, March, and April of each year. With the February 2017 weekend on the horizon, we want to share more details about this pivotal and final point in the process.

If you have been invited to the recruitment weekend and find yourself wondering the ways in which to best prepare yourself, CONGRATULATIONS!

This means that you have successfully made it through every other phase of TKY’s vetting  process, including transcript revisions by our certification partner, the University of Louisville, and phone interviews with our recruitment gurus, Rowan and Blake. You may also have registered for and/or taken your content area exams – another chance to demonstrate your subject matter expertise in the area you want to teach.

So what does the recruitment weekend entail, you ask?

Recruitment Weekend Travel

Working with TKY staff members, you will likely arrange travel to Louisville for the Saturday morning or afternoon of your recruitment weekend. Be sure to inquire with our staff about travel reimbursement opportunities!

Depending upon where you are located, you may be able to coordinate carpooling with another prospective candidate. This is a great way to connect with another individual who is going through the same process before you arrive in Louisville.

Saturday Evening

Saturday evening is the kickoff to TKY’s recruitment weekend. A handful of veteran TKY program participants are hosting small, themed dinners at their residences. You will get to choose which one you would like to attend, based upon the dinner theme. 

After dinner, all small groups will meet up at a central location to meet other members of the TKY community. Want to rest and prepare for the next day instead? That’s OK! There will be another chance to meet community members on Sunday evening.


Sunday is a good mix of preparation and fun. Our veteran teachers provide guidance so that you can ace your interview on Monday. We also introduce you to our “little big city” and all it has to offer.

City Tours

Veteran teachers and community members show you Louisville’s cultural sites, neighborhoods, and social areas so that you can get a feel of what it is like to live and work in our great city.

Interview Practice

After car tours, the group will reconvene at the hotel for interview practice with veteran teachers. Take advantage of this opportunity! It is your chance to get advice from individuals who were once exactly in your shoes and have successfully launched their education careers in the region.

Community Dinner

After a rest, you will be welcomed by TKY’s larger community – our teachers, school district representatives, mentors, supporters, and friends, at a large dinner gathering. This is your chance to introduce yourself and ask more questions.

Monday – Interview Day and School Tours!

This the final and most critical part of the weekend – the interview. Before the weekend, you will have received interview questions and requirements from TKY staff member, Blake. Your scheduled interview will be 20 minutes in length, and will be in front of TKY staff and board members, University of Louisville representatives, and school district employees. You can anticipate presenting to approximately 5 – 6 people.

During downtime, you will have a chance to visit one of the public schools in the district. Don’t be surprised if you meet one of our veteran teachers during the tour; we have a lot of them!

After interviews have ended, the group will gather for a final sendoff at a local restaurant. We’re known for our affinity for margaritas. This is one last chance to ask any questions before you depart.

Admission Decisions

You can expect to hear from TKY staff regarding admissions decisions within a week of the interview weekend.

Still have questions? Call us at 502-458-0830 or email Blake.

Author: Rebecca Barnwell

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