Founded in 2003 by social entrepreneur, Rowan Claypool, Teach Kentucky launches the education careers of ambitious college graduates in Louisville, Kentucky’s public schools. The organization has grown from bringing two teacher candidates in its first year to annually bringing a new 25-30 person cohort of aspiring teachers from across the nation to our city. Once they are here, our teachers stay and build their professional and personal lives.

We have been successful because we understand the incredible challenges that face new teachers working in public schools. Teach Kentucky’s community and teacher support network are dedicated to helping all of our recruits succeed. We don’t just recruit you. We get to know you, connect you with other like-minded community members, and support you as you begin an incredibly rewarding career.




Rowan Claypool

Rowan has spent 16 years as a serial entrepreneur, creating ways to attract talented young people (you?) to Louisville, Kentucky and to, in his words, to “change the course of the river in young people’s lives and in the cities in which they plant themselves.”

He’s devoted to discovering ways to make his community a better place by whatever means possible and he believes that talented young people are the way to do it.

Blake Johnson,
Recruitment and Program Coordinator

Isabel Maremont Lake,
Teacher Induction and Support Coordinator

Ashley Brandt,
Operations and Development Coordinator


Sandra Hinojosa Hubbard, Chairwoman,
Engineer, Attorney

Steve Miller, Vice Chair,
President, Saber-21 LLC

Melody Raidy, Treasurer
Audit Supervisor,
Deming Malone Livesay & Ostroff CPAs

Deena Adams,
Executive Director,
American Lung Association in Kentucky

Amy-Dennes -Photo

Amy Dennes,
Retired Assistant Superintendent,
Jefferson County Public Schools

John Fendig, Secretary
Senior Corporate Attorney, LG&E and KU Energy LLC

Dr. Nancy Martin,
Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Senior Vice President of Research, University of Louisville

John Russ,
Retired Principal, Jefferson County Public Schools, and Adjunct Faculty, Bellarmine College of Education


David Hawpe,
Retired Editor and Columnist, Courier-Journal

Zain Khandwala

Zain Khandwala,
Executive Director, Institute for Advances Analytics, Bellarmine University


Voted “Most Compassionate City” and “Most Livable City,” the Louisville area is more than home to the Kentucky Derby, baseball bats and bourbon. The city features its own opera, orchestra, Ballet Company, and the world-renowned Actor’s Theatre. It’s also a hub for indie music, regional and college sports, and has a robust foodie culture, including superb craft breweries and craft distilleries as well as award-winning coffee houses such as Heine Brothers, Quills Coffee and Sunergos Coffee.

Nestled in the Ohio River Valley and blessed with four seasons, a string of Olmsted parks and splendid architecture, including the nation’s largest Victorian preservation district, Louisville is also a beautiful place to call home.

Intrigued? Learn more about our fabulous city.

Here are a few of the recognitions Louisville has received just this year:

  • One of the top “Creative Cities for 20-Somethings” byPolicyMic.com
  • One of the “Best Entrepreneurial Cities” by entrepreneur.com
  • America’s Breakout Cities for 2014 by CNNMoney
  • World’s Top 10 Food Cities by National Geographic
  • Top 10 “Bike-Friendly City” by USA Today
  • A Top 20 “City With Economic Momentum” by NewGeography.com
  • Eighth on the list of “Best Towns in America” by Outside Magazine
  • Eighth “Most Affordable City in the U.S.” by Forbes
  • “Top 10 Cities for Being a Homeowner” by NerdWallet.com


Teach Kentucky is known for its community. It’s one of the primary reasons our teachers thrive in Louisville. Our veteran teachers are committed to helping our newer cohort members. Oftentimes, this leads to innovative collaboration and long-lasting friendships.

Teach Kentucky staff and community supporters enthusiastically introduce new teachers to everything that the city has to offer. From an exciting restaurant and nightlife scene to volunteer opportunities to festivals and plays, we work hard to show teachers how much our city has to offer, so that it feels like home.


We know that better preparation means a better teaching experience for you and a better learning experience for students. We also understand that navigating your first year of teaching is challenging on many levels. To ensure that our new teachers are fully supported and successful during their entry into the classroom, we’ve built components into our program that distinguish us from other teacher recruitment organizations in the level of support they provide, including:

  • An eight-week Summer Institute, which includes experience teaching students and one-on-one guidance from our veteran teachers, to help you prepare and refine techniques before that first day in the classroom.
  • A veteran teacher on staff who is dedicated to providing ongoing in-school support to our new teachers.
  • A Teach Kentucky peer subject matter mentor.
  • University and school district mentors.
  • A tight-knit community focused on welcoming and supporting your needs as a new teacher.


Teach Kentucky wants you to excel as a teacher in the classroom. Once you are accepted into our program, we provide you with a eight-week summer teacher preparation program that complements your graduate school courses.

Teach Kentucky’s Summer Institute begins in early June and ends in late July. New recruits attend 2.5 hours of morning classes Monday through Thursday. Veteran teachers and retired administrators lead activities focused on a wide range of important topics, including but not limited to:

  • classroom management
  • instructional techniques
  • setting up your classroom
  • navigating the school system

Don’t worry, you won’t be bored. Our veteran teachers and staff make sure that the Summer Institute keeps you busy and engaged. It’s not all work and no play. Impromptu social gatherings throughout the summer give you the chance to kick back, relax, and get to know the Teach Kentucky community better.


Retired Teacher Advocates (RTAs) are a unique component of Teach Kentucky’s support system. All new teachers are matched and paired with a RTA, who provides another level of emotional support and guidance. RTA mentors frequently have held positions in schools as teachers and administrators. It’s not unusual for RTAs and their mentees to share meals, have coffee dates to catch up, and celebrate both big and small professional milestones.


We love events at Teach Kentucky. We encourage you to check back frequently for new gatherings and event details.

Teach Kentucky January 2018 Recruitment Weekend
January 20, 2018 6:00 pm
Teach Kentucky February 2018 Recruitment Weekend
February 17, 2018 6:00 pm
Teach Kentucky March 2018 Recruitment Weekend
March 24, 2018 6:00 pm
Teach Kentucky April 2018 Recruitment Weekend
April 14, 2018 6:00 pm