"Upon the subject of education...I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we, as a people, can be engaged in."

- Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky native


Teach Kentucky is a selective teacher recruitment program seeking to attract motivated college graduates to teach in Kentucky’s public schools, enhancing the quality of education for our students and enriching our civic life by retaining these bright young minds in the region. Based in Louisville—a vibrant, forward-thinking city with a rich history—Teach Kentucky places the majority of its teachers within our metropolitan area.

For our students, the experience of being nurtured by a bright, energetic young teacher is exciting and inspiring. For our teachers, the experiences they collect are deeply rewarding, both in the classroom and in the Louisville community at large—the kinds of experiences that last a lifetime.


Most of our recruits have not yet earned teacher certification. We attract individuals with strong content knowledge who are interested in pursuing an alternative route to their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) certification while they teach full-time—and earn a full-time salary.

Many of our recruits come from top-tier colleges and universities like Notre Dame, Centre, Michigan, Middlebury, Vanderbilt and Yale, but any high-achieving graduate or senior from an accredited four-year institution is encouraged to apply. Content knowledge and a desire to teach are the primary attributes we look for.

If you want to earn valuable teaching experience, a full-time salary and your MAT degree, all while living in a vibrant and attractive city, apply to Teach Kentucky today.


Teach Kentucky’s mission is to attract highly-motivated young people to teach in our public schools.

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Jessie: My experience working as a scientist in San Francisco very much impacts my work, because I look at the students’ experiences in the classroom as preparation for jobs later. I want to help them be successful with real skills.

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Tyler: I expect to see Southern High School continue to grow and improve based on a variety of measures. We want all our students to graduate high school with a plan and the ability to implement that plan. We can accomplish this together by focusing on improving the instruction delivered in classes and working with each student to individually develop their plan.

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Teacher help: looking for student friendly resources to assist me in teaching the religious conflicts in the Middle East. With just diverse classrooms, I want to be able to do this siubject justice @jcpsforward

Congratulations to @CoachTehle for being honored as @hcpsky Teacher of the Year! We are so impressed and proud! #TKYLeads

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