In 2016, Louisville was ranked as the ninth best city in the U.S. for home ownership. You can read the entire Bankrate article here.

Louisville is always a welcome surprise for Teach Kentucky’s (TKY) first-time visitors. It is a primary reason why prospective candidates from across the country choose our program.

Louisville provides the cultural offerings that rival those of larger metropolitan areas where it is difficult to live comfortably on a teacher’s salary. Our affordable city is a place where educators can build a career and a home.

The city’s low cost of living coupled with one of the country’s highest public educator pay schedules are a win-win for TKY’s program participants. Forty percent of TKY’s teachers residing in Louisville have already become home owners.

TKY middle school educator Brianna Klco-Coburn and her husband Will in front of the house that they purchased in Louisville.


Author: Rebecca Barnwell

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